The piano is a keyboard instrument that always makes a beautiful, extremely variable sound. It represents the most highly developed means of satisfying musical needs in a musical instrument.

It can produce melody and harmony at the same time. Its range covers almost all the sounds used in music and it can produce an extraordinary variety of soft and loud musical notes with great speed and tone colour effects. A piano is more than a mechanical device, because it can express human emotions.

Learning to play the piano can open the door to the development of the theory aspects of music and it can also reward you with a fantastic. fun filled musical experience that can stimulate the senses.

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The clarinet is a single reed woodwind instrument. It can serve as the leading instrument in military bands, corresponding to the violin in the orchestra. The clarinet is important in an orchestra and is sometimes used as a solo musical instrument.

The clarinet produces a rich, full sound. Clarinets are made up of six or more sizes. Those most frequently used are the B-Flat, A, E-Flat, Alto, and B-Flat Bass clarinets. The Clarinet can be mastered as an instrument on its own or it can make the transition to the saxophone much simpler.

Students will start by learning the correct blowing and fingering techniques. Before you know it, you will be playing simple tunes in correct time and it won’t be long before you master the full scale.

For the more advanced clarinet player, the playing repertoire and technique can be refined to sound like you are truly in control of vour musical instrument.

Clarinet lessons Sutherland Shire can open the doors to other musical instruments.

The invention of the Saxophone by Adolphe Sax in 1841 has created a woodwind instrument that is the loudest of the woodwinds and one of the most versatile of the brass instruments.

The saxophone is very popular with military bands, however, it is associated with popular music, Blues, Rock and Roll and particularly Jazz. Many musical scores include parts for the saxophone as it serves as a middle point between woodwinds and brass, helping to blend the two sections together. Learning the correct blowing and fingering techniques can build the foundations to mastering this wonderful instrument.

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Whether you are playing the saxophone for fun or looking to go the next step, we offer one on one lessons and the unique opportunity of customising a learning program that best suits you. This freedom will pave the way to a lifetime of playing music and we can make your dream a reality!