Caterina Franco


Music examinations are a good tool for students who want to frequently improve their playing and performance ability and to have their playing ability graded on a frequent basis. Music examinations allow students to grade their performance ability approximately every six months which delivers goals for students to aim for and provides a specialized grading system for students.

Practicing every day is the most effective and fastest way of improving your skills as a musician. If you practice only every now and then, your development will be inconsistent. With as little as 10 minutes every day, you will begin to notice an improvement. Of course, the longer you practice every day, the bigger the improvement, 30 minutes is a great goal to aim for, as long as you practice daily – You will be amazed at the result!

New students have the option to begin with a complimentary meet the teacher session. After that, students who wish to proceed are required to complete a personal information document, and fees are paid per school term or at pro-rata rate based on commencement date. For further information of student rates and lesson times, please feel free to contact Caterina on 0418 245 658 or email us at [email protected]

Short notice cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours before the lesson commences. It is required that students who choose to pay in advance have the specified number of lessons within that period, for example when you pay your term in advance those lessons must be had within that period.

If lessons need to be cancelled they can be re-scheduled within that time. Every effort will be made by caterina franco MUSIC TUITION to re-schedule lesson when required, if a student cannot reschedule a lesson at any of the times offered by the teacher the fee for that lesson is non-refundable. Makeup lessons can be accommodated with 24 hours notice.

A complimentary meet and greet is available to new students who contact caterina franco MUSIC TUTION. This is an introduction session to determine the following information:

– To find out about you
– Why you would like to do music lessons
– What are your goals, aims and objectives
– What is your previous experience
– How you plan to develop your music

We encourage you to find out about caterina franco MUSIC TUITION. We can arrange a fuss-free appointment for you. We will look at how our music lessons can further your musical knowledge and understanding. All new students will be required to complete an application form.

It doesn’t matter what level of technical ability or music theory you have, you may have loads of experience or you are a novice. Our purpose is to bring out the best in you.