Professional, one-on-one Clarinet lessons

With advanced facilities in our music school along with many performance and examination possibilities, our teachers ensure every clarinet student receives the support to help them reach their maximum potential. We teach clarinet students from all ages, so it is never too late to start learning clarinet. All classes are ‘one on one’ classes, so each lesson is tailored specially to each
student’s ability and individual learning requirements. Normally, students will start off learning how to read notes and will play simple tunes from both classical and jazz composers

Beginners to intermediate Clarinet players and those seeking to complete exams

As a beginner taking clarinet lessons, students will learn beginner note reading, beginner clarinet rhythm and method. Once the solid technical groundwork has been built, we then discover the different clarinet genres available to a clarinet player like classical, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, pop, metal, musical theatre and rock. Students will be able to learn an abundance of notes, rhythms and songs in the next few clarinet lessons and will learn how to vary the sounds on the clarinet. Students will find the beginner stage of the clarinet fun, just like learning a new language and full of stories on how their improvement is related
to lots of practice and structured homework.

Intermediate clarinet players that are considering advancing their playing technique and repertoire will be guided based on your
current technique, past clarinet lessons, your future goals, exam requirements and performances etc. caterina Franco MUSIC TUITION has an outstanding record of success with delivering great results for all our students. Our clarinet teachers use their expertise and performance experience to ensure all clarinet students make substantial improvement and learn to eniov and appreciate the clarinet.

For students who want to complete clarinet exams, caterina franco MUSIC TUITION provides both classical and jazz exams Classical exams are facilitated by the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) and Jazz exams are facilitated by the Trinity College of London (TCL). Both have excellent programmes and are well balanced to incorporate both reading and aural skills.

Feel free to call us on 0418 245 658 if you have any questions about any of the classical exams.

Our professional clarinet teachers can teach you to:

  • Learn to play and name the most common notes
  • Learn to play your favourite songs
  • Position your hands on the clarinet correctly to play in any key
  • Improvise, even on fast-changing chords and keys
  • Play great solos in different octaves
  • Improvise an endless stream of creative musical phrases
  • Develop our own sense of sound and rhythm
  • Reed maintenance
  • Focus on technique

Clarinet Lessons Key Details

  • Beginner Clarinet Lessons
  • Adult clarinet lessons
  • Jazz clarinet lessons
  • Blues clarinet lessons
  • Classical clarinet lessons
  • Clarinet improvisation
  • Clarinet scales
  • Intermediate clarinet technique
  • Clarinet maintenance
  • Clarinet exam preparation
  • Clarinet for leisure syllabus
  • AMEB clarinet tuition
  • Trinity clarinet tuition
  • ANZCA clarinet tuition
  • ┬áTrinitv clarinet tuition
  • Guild clarinet tuition
  • Clarinet theory
  • Diploma level clarinet lessons
  • Band or ensemble work